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Free Fonts From Google

I have to admit I'm a software (and especially a font) junkie. So when I recently ran across a web article explaining how to add the Google font library to Suitcase Fusion I had to give it a try. According to Extensis this is how you add the Google fonts to your own Suitcase library:

  1. Launch Suitcase Fusion.

  2. Click on the File Menu, then click on Enable Google Fonts.

  3. A new Google Fonts library is added to Suitcase and the font collection is automatically synced to your machine. Be patient as it takes some time to add the new fonts. The new fonts can be activated and deactivated like any other font in your Suitcase library.

  4. To add new Google fonts click on the File Menu, then click on Synchronize Fonts. Any new fonts that Google has added to their collection will be downloaded to your computer.

What a nice Christmas gift this was. Download & enjoy your own set of Google fonts. After all it's FREE.

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