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Spirits ... Cover.jpg

This collection of images encompasses my real photographic passion -- capturing the native cultures and ancient ruins of the American Southwest.  The four corners states (Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico) contain an astounding array of prehistoric cliff dwellings, pueblos and other cultural remains that speak to my soul. The largest sites are protected within the boundaries of our national parks and monuments, but others (like the dwelling pictured here) are hidden in the crevices and canyons of the Colorado plateau and beyond.

The list below outlines the locations featured in this collection. Click the photo to the left to be taken directly to this group of images.

Aztec Ruins - New Mexico

Cedar Mesa - Utah

Canyon de Chelly - Arizona

Chaco Canyon - New Mexico

Grand Canyon - Arizona

Honanki | Palatki - Arizona

Hovenweep - Utah

Hualapai Nation - Arizona

Lowry Pueblo - Colorado

Meda Verde - Colorado

Montezuma Castle - Arizona

Ocmulgee - Georgia

Sego Canyon - Utah

Tohono O'odham Nation - Arizona

Valley of Fire - Nevada

Walnut Canyon - Arizona

Wupatki - Arizona

This collection of images is organized into rough subject categories. The list below outlines the subject categories in this collection. Click the photo to the right to be taken directly to the login page.


Vehicles | Transportation

Structures +

Interiors | Furnishings


Fauna | Wildlife

Plants | Flora

Landscapes +

Waterscapes +


Objects | Equipment +

People | Portraits

Other Images

Through ... Cover.jpg



This collection comprises sets of specialized images and products as noted in the list below. Click the photo to the right to be taken directly to the login page for these items.


Inspire Me Quotes +

Special EFX

Black & White



Note Cards

Drink Cups




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