I guess I'm what some

would call an old

world gypsy with a

serious case of wanderlust.

I was a freelance

graphic designer for

20 years with an

overlapping career as an

Apple certified tech and

independent dealer for another 30.  Now I'm working on a third career as a professional photographer when most would admonish me for not being home knitting booties for my grandchildren.  My husband and I prefer to travel by auto and experience the countryside we meander through on an intimate basis. I'm a human and natural history, architecture and archaeology buff.  I love spending time in our nation's national parks and never seem to get enough of them. The historical cultures of the American Southwest fascinate me, and I intend to spend my remaining years photographing and writing about them; with my husband ensuring I don't fall off a cliff face in the process.  No matter how much I travel, it will never be enough.

Angele has spent the better part of a lifetime experiencing and recording the world she encounters from behind the viewfinder of a camera.  That process has become even more absorbing with improvements in digital technology.





With over 20 years of professional experience as a graphic designer, and more than an equal number of years under her belt as a certified Apple computer technician, she brings a rare combination of skills to the photographic arts.  Place photos morph into posters, images transform into modern art, and mundane objects are captured from fresh perspectives.


Her images range from broad landscapes to modern architecture, but her passion is capturing the ancient native ruins and ghost towns of the American Southwest.


Angele's travel articles and photographs have appeared in multiple magazines.  Her images and location reviews also appear on multiple travel and photography sites. A couple of her photographs have also been selected for sale by Getty Images, and she is just starting to make her artwork available to a wider public. Share in her journey, peruse her images, and acquire a favorite (or two) to grace the walls of your home or office.

angele florisi

2116 Stockton Hill Road, Suite D

Kingman, Arizona 86401



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